What to pay attention to when customizing sports caps

Beyond the everyday benefit of adding a final touch to your outfit or covering up a bad hair day, athletic hats serve a functional purpose. Athletes, particularly in baseball, may need to shield their eyes from the sun and focus on the game while protecting their heads from the sun’s harsh rays. The baseball hat […]

The Best Tailored Hats of Summer 2023

As the temperatures continue to soar, it’s time to break out the summer headwear! And what better way to keep cool and stylish in that record heat than with the perfect custom hat? Finding the perfect style and materials for your custom hat can be a daunting task, but don’t worry, we at CapBeast are […]

Frequently Asked Questions When Ordering Custom Designed Hats

Ordering your own custom designed hats? You’ve probably got some questions before you get started! So, you’ve found us! That is the first step in the right direction. You are here, you are ready to design, you know exactly what you want, but now you have some questions. How does this work? How long will […]

Custom Hats for Your Busy: How to Get a Professional Look

So you’ve started your next hustle and you’re looking for a way to boost your brand. Custom hats are a great way to promote your image and create a professional look for your hustle, be it a new social media channel, agency or ecommerce business. But with so many options available between hat models, styles […]

How to Measure Hat Size

How to Measure Your Cap Size: What Size Cap Is Right for you? Get All the Answers You Need Right Here. Read on for a comprehensive guide to hat sizes, measuring your head, fitted hats versus adjustable hats, how to read sizing charts, sizing trends within specific brands, and more. Here you’ll find all the […]